A downloadable game for Windows

What the game about?

In the game you are a member of the "High Society Poking Enthusiasts" and you take it very seriously. This might be the most important animal you are ever going to poke. The game was created in 48 hours during the LD38 Jam.

Word from the dev

The game is created by me, Dennis Jensen, in the first 48 hours. It was very challenging and I'm very happy with the result. Next time I would like to spend more time on the sound design and sound track, it was made the last hours before the deadline. I would love to hear your opinion.

Install instructions


Unzip the game, run the exe.


Use mouse and A W S D to control,

Left mouse button to poke.


HSPE_v0.2.1 - Source Code 90 MB
HSPE_v0.2.2.zip 21 MB